Award Criteria

This award is for a Cambridge Spark learner or achiever who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and achievement in their work, and through their quality and professionalism stands out in their organisation as a high performer in digital & AI and shows strong standards expected of a future digital leader professional.

Who can be nominated for this award?
This award is for Cambridge Spark learners undertaking an apprenticeship or those who have completed an apprenticeship with Cambridge Spark (alumni/achievers).

Nominations now closed

This award will be judged against the following criteria:

The nomination summary should explain in up to 500 words (maximum) how the nominated individual meets the below criteria, including quantifiable metrics where possible, and why they believe they should win the award.

  • Vision- tell us how the individual has demonstrated a forward-thinking vision for leveraging digital technologies to drive innovation and growth.
  • Leadership - tell us how the individual has displayed exceptional leadership qualities, motivating and empowering colleagues to achieve digital objectives and fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment that encourages learning and growth.
  • Digital Transformation Advocacy - tell us how the individual has advocated for digital transformation within the organisation, promoting culture of digital adoption and continuous improvement and led change management efforts to facilitate a smooth transition towards digital transformation.

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