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Unlock the Future of Data Engineering Excellence

Join us for an exclusive webinar where we introduce the brand new L5 Data Engineer Apprenticeship. Whether you're an engineering leader seeking to elevate your team's capabilities, a professional looking to reskill for the digital era, or an organisation aiming to implement game-changing digital infrastructure changes, this webinar is for you!

🚀 Here's what's on our agenda:

🌐 Discover the Future of Data Engineering: Stay ahead of the curve and gain insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in data engineering.

🏗️ Transform Your Team: Learn how this programme can empower your team with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in data engineering.

🌟Drive Digital Transformation: Find out how data engineers support your infrastructure and set you on the path to success.

🔄Unlock Career Advancement Opportunities: Explore how the L5 Data Engineer Apprenticeship can accelerate your career and open doors to exciting new opportunities.

🗣️ Interactive Q&A: Engage with our speaker and seek guidance on implementing digital transformation strategies, engineering projects, and talent reskilling.

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16th January at 11am

Who should attend?

  • Organisations undergoing rapid digital transformation and interested in building and upgrading infrastructure for success.
  • Engineering leaders looking to implement large scale engineering projects.
  • Individuals looking to enhance their existing data knowledge or reskill in data engineering.
  • L&D professionals looking to upskill their workforce for greater productivity and innovation.

"I was able to make changes to the business almost immediately. Every time I had a meeting with my mentor or coach was a lightbulb moment where I was uncovering more use cases within the business.”

Luke Kay, Data Analyst at Exertis

Headshot photo of Luke Kay on blue background