Award Criteria

This award is for individuals that have leveraged data analytics, artificial intelligence, and innovative technologies to revolutionise the retail industry. This could include data-driven insights to enhance customer experiences, optimise supply chains, boost sales, and drive overall retail success.

Who can be nominated for this award?
This award is for industry professionals within the wider Cambridge Spark community. This includes all digital and data professionals that follow or are a part of our learners, alumni, partner or social communities.

Nominations now closed

This award will be judged against the following criteria:

The nomination summary should explain in up to 500 words (maximum) how the nominated individual meets the below criteria, including quantifiable metrics where possible, and why they believe they should win the award.

  • Technological Innovation - tell us how the individual has utilised cutting edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence or data visualisation, to drive retail solutions and set industry benchmarks.
  • Measurable Impact- Offer quantifiable evidence of the positive impact of data-driven solutions on key retail metrics, such as revenue growth, cost reduction, customer satisfaction, or market share.
  • Customer-Centric Focus - tell us how the individual has shown a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences through data-driven personalisation, recommendations, or improvements in service delivery.

About our Partners

The British Retail Consortium

As the go-to trade association for UK retail businesses, BRC's purpose is to make a positive difference to the retail industry and the customers it serves, today and in the future.

They tell the story of retail, work with their members to drive positive change and use their expertise and influence to create an economic and policy environment that enables retail businesses to thrive and consumers to benefit.

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