Award Criteria

This award is for a Level 3 Data Citizen Apprentice who has developed data fluency skills enabling them to become more productive, use data in their daily work and make an impact on their organisation. This could range from finding efficiencies for themselves and colleagues, being able to tell stories with data to help inform data-driven decision-making to understanding the positive impacts of data for their employer. This award includes those on our standard Data Citizen programme as well as on the specialist Data-Driven Journalism, Data Citizen with People Analytics Pathway and NHS Data Citizen programmes.

Who can be nominated for this award?

Nominated individuals must be apprentices who are currently undertaking the L3 Data Citizen (including specialist pathways) with Cambridge Spark or completed the above apprenticeships in the past 12 months (at the time of submitting the nomination) and who have contributed to the development of impactful and innovative data solutions within their team and organisation. 

Nomination closed

This award will be judged against the following criteria:

The nomination summary should explain in up to 500 words (maximum) how the nominated individual meets the below criteria, including quantifiable metrics where possible, and why they believe they should win the award.

  • Professionalism - tell us how the apprentice has consistently met or exceeded their objectives and shown a quality approach in both their work and learning, demonstrating professional values and best practices.
  • Demonstrated impact and Measurable success - tell us how the apprentice has delivered at least one qualifiable benefit to their organisation in the past 12 months. Examples of possible measures of impact: Hours of their time saved through automation and efficiencies; Cost reductions through identifying efficiencies; Reporting time reduction through identifying efficiencies, Increase on KPI through access to real-time reporting.
  • Innovation - tell us how the apprentice has used innovative approaches at work.
  • Role Model - tell us what actions the apprentice has taken that stand out and positively influenced those they are working with? The apprentice has gone above and beyond to be a role model for their profession and digital apprenticeships.

About the L3 Data Citizen Apprenticeship:

Over a 13 month period, Cambridge Spark's Level 3 Data Citizen Apprenticeship equips employees with a data-driven mindset and teaches the core skills and concepts to work with data in their daily work. It covers the fundamental tools and techniques used in data analysis and visualization (with options to learn Power BI, Tableau and Qlik).

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