Award Criteria

This award is for Cambridge Spark Alumni that have gone on to demonstrate long-term, measurable influence on their organisation's success through innovative and adaptable digital & AI strategies, fostering collaboration, and maintaining a focus on enduring outcomes.

Who can be nominated for this award?
This award is for industry professionals that have previously completed a Cambridge Spark apprenticeship and are at least 3 months on from completion (alumni/achievers).

Nominations now closed

This award will be judged against the following criteria:

The nomination summary should explain in up to 500 words (maximum) how the nominated individual meets the below criteria, including quantifiable metrics where possible, and why they believe they should win the award.

  • Measurable impact- tell us how the individual has created measurable impact since achieving their apprenticeship, and offer at least one qualifiable benefit to their organisation post achievement. Examples of possible measures of impact could include increased productivity, churn reduction or increased client engagement.
  • Commitment to drive lasting growth - tell us how the individual continued to deliver consistent, data driven contributions towards business success.
  • Adaptation - tell us how the individual has learned from past experiences, using data and insights to refine their strategies, ensuring that digital initiatives remain effective in changing environments.
  • Collaboration - demonstrate the importance of aligning various departments and stakeholders to achieve long-term success.

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