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Wednesday 26th July, 12pm-12.45pm (This webinar has now passed)

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The rapid pace of digital transformation across industries has led to a greater emphasis on developing and launching innovative digital products. Product managers play a crucial role in leading this transformation, driving product strategy, and ensuring successful digital product outcomes.

The launch of the Digital Product Manager Apprenticeship Standard offers a comprehensive training programme designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in digital product management. This program is ideal for individuals who are looking to gain a deep understanding of the digital product development process and covers a wide range of topics, including market research, customer needs analysis, product design, and development, as well as lifecycle and cost management.

The DPM apprenticeship is an opportunity for Product leaders to provide career development opportunities to their teams and develop the product skill sets they need to build great products that meet customer requirements. With the demand for Product Managers growing by 8x in the UK in 2022 and a limited number of formal training options available, the DPM apprenticeship is the first time that Product leaders can offer existing and new junior talent the chance to gain a recognised qualification as a Digital Product Manager, with learning completed at work and funded by the government.

As a specialist in data science and AI training, Cambridge Spark has worked hard to develop a curriculum that closely matches the requirements of a product manger and offers the gold standard in learning and development.

Join us on the 26th July to deep dive into the Digital Product Manager Standard and explore how it will benefit you and your teams.

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Webinar agenda:

  • Introduction to The Digital Product Manager Apprenticeship
  • A break down of the programme
  • Learning with Cambridge Spark
  • Q&A

You might find this webinar helpful if you are...

  • A HR or L&D lead looking for new training opportunities for your colleagues.
  • A CPO, Product Director or similar role leading a team and looking for opportunities to develop junior talent into their next step
  • Looking to upskill and progress your career within the Product team.
  • Interested in reskilling into a Product role to help future-proof your career

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