Accelerated Data Analyst Bootcamp

Gain advanced data analytics skills in just 8 weeks

Introducing the Accelerated Data Analyst Bootcamp

Skills around collecting, sorting and analysing data have never been in greater demand. A 2021 paper from the UK government estimated that 48% of businesses were recruiting for roles that require hard data skills but 46% had struggled to recruit for these roles over the last 2 years.

Whether you're an individual hoping to elevate your analytics skills or a team leader struggling to source the requisite analytics skills for your organisation, skills bootcamps can unlock new and rewarding career opportunities, as well as drive real business impact in a matter of mere weeks.

Cambridge Spark's Accelerated Data Analyst Bootcamp is an 8-week, expert-taught course in Python, SQL and more designed to give learners mastery over analysing datasets and generating valuable insights.

Application deadline: 2nd of June

Programme cost: £2,450 +VAT

This programme is ideal for:

  •  Individuals who are already comfortable using tools like spreadsheets and want to take their analytics skills to the next level with Python
  • Organisations with a need for higher-level analytics skills and looking to cultivate that skillset from within, rather than looking to hire new talent externally

This programme will cover:

  • Sorting and processing data using programming languages like Python, SQL and Pandas
  • Data visualisation and reporting in tools like Power BI and Tableau
  • Drawing from and communicating key insights with data
  • And much more

How is this programme delivered?

We deliver our full curriculum online to give learners the flexibility to participate from anywhere and at their own pace. A mix of experiential learning, coaching, technical mentorship and peer support help them gain confidence in data skills and quickly apply them in practice.

As a learner, you'll benefit from the following to aid you in your learning journey:

  • Expert lectures and instruction from world-class faculty
  • Immediate feedback on exercises through our EDUKATE.AI data learning platform
  • Engagement and support from peers through our online Knowledge Base forum

Programme schedule

The schedule (subject to minor changes) for each of the 8 weeks will follow the below structure with approximately 8-12 hours of study time per week beginning on Tuesday 6th of June at 6:30pm.

Commercial Bootcamp Sechedule 16 May 2023_1038x755px

Ready to master advanced data analytics?

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“The Cambridge Spark curriculum offered the opportunity for GSK staff to develop skills in Python, visualisation, and big data to support them in the use and development of data as a tool for the business.”

Tim Buchanan - Apprenticeship Vendor Manager, GSK